Exercise Without Supplementation is Suicide

By Rickey Dale Crain

Exercise without supplementation is suicide, these are the words of Dr. Joel D. Wallach. How true they are. EXERCISE WITHOUT COMPLETE AND OPTIMAL SUPPLEMENTATION IS SELF DESTRUCTIVE, and suicide. Farmers and ranchers very systematically put in vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals in animal feeds to prevent and cure disease and illnesses. They learned that working and producing animals (all the way from the cow to the racehorse) need additional nutrients above and beyond subsistence and maintenance levels. The same goes, and more so, with humans. In many studies done, we find an increase in the frequency and severity of sports injuries, behavioral problems, degenerative diseases, and even death in athletes because of this neglect. High output athletes without supplementation are more susceptible to emotional, traumatic, and degenerative diseases than the classic couch potatoe (or is that potato?). Certainly the average weekend athlete with common sense, would not throw their life away by not supplementing with the known 103 essential nutrients each day (72 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids). Certainly then the highly conditioned and trained serious athlete, who invests considerable amount of time and money in their training and fitness programs, would not throw their health or lives away by not supplementing either. The majority of people who exercise do not take a vitamin and mineral supplement. They have bought into the medical dogma that “if you eat right, you do not need to supplement; you can get everything you need from the four food groups" (WHICH IN MOST CASES IS TONS AND TONS OF TOO MANY CARBS), and that if you supplement, "it only gives you expensive urine". Our farm and range soils are so depleted of nutrients as a result of 100 to 200 years of intensive farming without appropriate mineral replacement. Why is it they cannot seem to make the connection that the food on their plate is anemic in nutrients? Two and two still equals four, so be smart as an athlete and supplement. Not only will it enhance your performance, it could save your life.