february 25, 2002

1.....RICKEY DALE says.....


and the winning answer was the CRAIN"S.......don crain (masters ipf world records in the 80's.....
gayla sue crain (at one time had all the ipf open women's world records inn the 114/123/132 lb
class in the late 70's and early 80's) and rickey dale crain (open world records in the 70's
and 80's)........and the winners were...... al "i finally won" siegel of clearfield, pennsylvania.....
joe burks of la vista, nebraska and mike butler of longview, texas........congrats.....
to all you old guys for winning...........and this week's trivia question is......?????......

who was the first 40 year old to win an open world championships??????

let me know what your pet peeves and gripes on equipment or supplements are.........or what
positive results you have achieved. As in any sport, equipment is invented, designed and used
to further the advancements and safety of the sport. (usually it is always two fold) Using the
equipment should always be sensible........ always give new equipment a chance to prove it's
worth. When trying something new, use it for a while till you adjust your style and form to it.
Do not give up on it too soon. I have seen too many lifters that are not patient enough to work
with the new gear and seem to fight it, be patient, it will work for you.

3.....FORM.....STYLE.....TECHNIQUE.....and ROUTINES.....


the idea in setting up cycles is to not overtrain, and keep the weight going up in gradual
increments...even though not always successful...this is still the best way to avoid a drought
or a deluge in one's training........

Younger lifters need to concentrate on the basic lifts and with basic sets and reps, i.e. 3-5 sets
of 5 reps. While the older lifter usually is into less sets and reps; higher reps not the higher
weight seem to irritate and exacerbate (sp) the problems of the joints, while the middle age
groups can pretty much do whatever it wants.

we are always looking for guest routines from you the reader...ones that you have found
successful or form..style and technique tips...........send them and share them with us.........

SMARTS ALL PLAY A PART.......IN ACHIEVING THOSE GOALS.....and remember it is better to undertrain than overtrain......you can always increase your training and goals...but when you overtrain rest is about
the only way to recover from that .....and that is downtime that will only further the distance between
you and what you want to accomplish....

I could probably out do anybody for the most mistakes in training and contests! Stupidity is sometimes a virtue as long as you don't keep showing it...over & over! Consistency in training is the key to a big squat in training and a big squat in the contest. Consistence in stupidity shows perhaps you should take up bowling or lawn tennis!
Routine...Routine...Routine..., over and over and over again. The idea is to do every warm-up and every rep of every set of a complete cycle the same...exactly the same.
Dr. Judd Biasiotto brought up in his book "POWER" that in training one should picture every rep of every set in your mind before you do it. Start your workout 30-45 minutes before you normally start lifting. While you are stretching, go through your entire workout in your mind. Picture every rep and every set, in your mind, of your whole workout before you actually start.

When I do this I usually have a great workout, when I don't and hurry my stretching, my workout usually suffers. You should have every rep of every workout planned out for the complete cycle. I can go to my workout book and look at the reps in the 12th week, and know what I will be doing, assuming you have picked out a reasonable ending weight. Remember, if your best single was 525, you are not going to triple 550 in sixteen weeks. TOTALLY UNREALISTIC! I have used numerous routines over the past 31 years...Some people because of genetics, natural ability and strength, perfect body structure, leverage, and other factors, can use any routine and make gains and win championships and/or break records, but the average lifter must have a well planned out routine and use a little common sense in going through it! Percentages in actuality are not only misleading but inaccurate and will not properly work. There is no common sense or logical reasoning behind percentages in putting together a routine other than convenience - but convenience in this case is way off base in being accurate or correct.

And I quote from the DOC (Judd that is) "There is one more point that you need to be cognizant of when selecting a training routine to experiment with and that's percentages. The majority of the training routines that have been published are based on percentages. That's like trying to compare oranges to apples, or Bev Frances with Cindy Lauper. You just can't "do dat"! Here's why - a ten percent jump for a lifter who is squatting 500 pounds is a lot different than a ten percent jump for a lifter who is squatting 250 pounds. The obvious error with the percentage program is that the lifter who is lifting the most weight is expected to improve the most. For instance, the lifter who is squatting 500 lbs is expected to improve 50 pounds, while the lifter who is squatting 250 pounds, is only expected to increase 25 pounds. In reality, it is for a lifter who is near his optimum potential." The longer a person lifts...i.e. the more experienced he becomes the smaller his increases and gains will become...not larger.....That is why I do not use percentages. I try to take each person's training routine as individual as possible but still put together with a sense of order!

If you shoot for a 500 x 3 at the end of the cycle, that should translate to about a 550 x 1 single at contest time. So take your pick of WORKOUTS. Oh, by the way, we use pause squats alot and they will make a man of you, or at least give you a big squat.

Always cycle your supplementary exercises to. It keeps you from over-training.

Warm-ups are important...DO NOT just sporadically do warm-ups with whatever weight is on the bar! Remember routine is important. The poundage involved in warm-ups will differ with each lifter and with each training routine. Remember, to stretch before you begin your warm-ups.

Below find a chart of warm-up weights and increases in warm-ups to get to your sets. This is not set in stone - but has worked well for me and my workout partners for many years.

Increases in weight - Top Sets - Range of weight between warm-ups

100 lb to 300 lb 50 lb - 70 lb

200 lb to 400 lb 60 lb - 80 lb

300 lb to 500 lb 70 lb - 90 lb

400 lb to 600 lb 80 lb - 100 lb

500 lb to 700 lb 90 lb - 110 lb

600 lb to 800 lb 100 lb - 120 lb

700 lb to 900 lb 110 lb - 130 lb

800 lb to 1000 lb 120 lb - 140 lb

In essence as you become stronger you must increase the distance

between warm-ups. Warm-ups are for (2) reasons only:

#1. To warm up..........NO Duh! Obviously!

#2. To get the feel of the heavier weight without getting tired,

i .e. working up to your top sets.

#2 1/2. (also to get the feel of your equipment ...i.e. suit, belt,

wraps also!)

I see too many lifters doing too many reps with too many warm-ups, especially higher weight wrnmups..... As you go through the workout you will understand (I hope)! I feel quite qualified to share my stupid mistakes and brilliant successes with you. As I have said, and you may quote me (or buy my T-shirt with the saying "Age and Treachery Will Overcome Youth and Skill"

Only $12.00..... .....Otherwise the older you get the smarter you must train, not only to win but to avoid injuries as well as to still maintain some progress. Some great over 35 competitors on powerlifting and bodybuilding such as Walter Thomas, Doug Heath, Fred Hatfield, Hideaka Inaba, and Ronnie Ray will attest to this fact.

I found out from experience (painful most of the time) how stupid it is to try and train at age 49 as if I was 18 or 28 or even 38 I have always felt indestructible at times and attribute much of my gains to the fact I have been fairly injury free, having trained smart except on certain specific cases where I insisted on being an idiot. But I only do that now and then, just to make me look good the rest of the time. It is much better to undertrain (don't use that as an excuse for doing next to nothing in your workout) than to overtrain..you know the lifter who trains 6-7 days a week, split sessions, 4 hour workouts.......Remember though, injuries will happen and how you handle the recuperation and recovery period will attest to your smarts! (or not so smarts)

Some words of wisdom to the over 35 powerlifter!
*Do not train any body part more than twice a week under any circumstances...except the stomach and calves.*Always stretch, stretch, stretch before and after each workout.*If you get tendonitis or a pull or tear, make sure you treat it immediately and properly.*Plan out your workouts and never alter them. Do the weight and reps you are supposed to do...do not show off by trying max weights to impress your friends.

*Eat properly and take the proper supplements. From personal experience as well as from talking to other over 35 lifters I found out some interesting facts. Remember this is my observation and there are always exceptions...

*Higher reps seem to aggravate the joints, especially the knees. It seems easier to do singles, doubles, and triples with a heavier weight, especially on the Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. On supplementary exercises it seems the 5-8 reps area is more comfortable than 10's or 12's, except for rehabilitition with lighter weights!

*We rely more on wrist and knee wraps, belts, lifting and bench suitsand other supportive gear. It does seem to take the stress off the joints but do not become to reliant upon them.*Extra stomach work and hyperextensions for the lower back, and good form is a must for avoiding injuries.*STRETCH...STRETCH...STRETCH!


*Sleep and rest is of vital importance. Perhaps at over 35 even more important than the training itself is to use all forms of recuperation available...ice, heat, massage, whirlpools, extra supplements, aspirin, motrin,...etc...(Americans sleep 6-7 hours a day. When training hard you could probably use another hour or two. Over 70 another one to three extra hours.) While you are sleeping the following happens.*Muscle and bone cells are repaired and grow.*Small amounts of growth hormone are released to improve your overall recovery and growth. (Less amounts are produced the older you get - but some is better than none....sound familiar!)The idea is to live to be 100 and still look and feel like a human being, not a dried up skinny prune with aching and swollen joints living off Valium or Demerol.

Remember the three(3) important things...

1-Hard training.

2- Proper Nutrition.

3-Proper Recovery and Recuperation.

Will do nothing but enhance your hard work...You can still get bigger and stronger even if at a slower pacetill you are 60 years old.

below are the all time powerlifitng records...thought it might be interesting for you all
Thanks to Tibor Banfalvi, Bjørge Næss, and Michael Soong for additions.
Key: barwt @ bodywt name affil date place fed
Men's Absolute World Records
230 @ 49 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 3May92 Horsens EPF
250 @ 49.9 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 15Aug95 Pori, Fin IPF
270 @ 51 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol Nov98 Cherkasy IPF
277.5 @ 51.1 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 10Aug97 Lahti IPF
278 @ 51.6 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 13May99 IPF
287.5 @ 55.7 Magnus Karlsson Swe 14Nov96 Salzburg IPF
320 @ 60 Magnus Karlsson Swe 2Oct99 Malmo IPF
324.5 @ 67.5 Norm Shackelford ? ? ? ?
362.5 @ 75 Rickey Dale Crain US 24Nov96 NewCarrollIPA
383.3 @ 82 Tony Kamand US 28Mar93 APA
410 @ 90 Jesse Kellum US 27Oct96 APF
437.5 @ 97.5 Ed Coan US 22Nov87
453.6 @ 100 Chuck Vogelpohl US 17Nov01
455.5 @ 106.1 Willie Wessels US 11Nov95 APF
471 @ 107.6 Ed Coan US 12Aug01 WPO
472.5 @ 146.5 Brent Mikesell US 7Oct01 LethbridgeAPF

150 @ 46.0 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 12May91 Reykjavik EPF
157.5 @ 49.0 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 03May92 Horsens EPF
172.5 @ 49.9 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 15Aug95 Pori, Fin IPF
177.5 @ 50.6 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 16Nov94 Johannesburg IPF
181 @ 55.2 Makoto Ohtsubo Jap 11Dec98 Amberg IPF
190 @ 56 Makoto Ohtsubo Jap 3Jun00 IPF
190.5 @ 58.9 Tagy Parnian Hol 19Aug00 IPF
205.5 @ 59.9 Hiroyaki Isagawa Jap 8Dec01 IPF
210.9 @ 64.9 Markus Schick Ger 2Mar96 WPC
231.3 @ 66.0 Greg Warr US 14Jun94 NSM
255 @ 68.9 Markus Schick Ger 9Sep00 WPO
272.2 @ 82.5 Dave Waterman US 1Mar97 APF
277.5 @ 84.5 Dave Waterman US 7Mar98 ColumbusOH Arnold
285 @ 86.6 Dave Waterman US 9Oct99 WPO
310 @ 89.8 George Halbert US 3Mar01 ColumbusOH WPO
332.5 @ 97.8 George Halbert US 8Sep01 WPO
336 @ 107.5 Chris Confessore ?
318 @ 108.0 Kenny Patterson US 9Oct99 WPO
322.5 @ 122.5 John Zemmin US 8Sep01 WPO
340.2 @ 125 Bill Crawford US 10Feb01 APF
350 @ 125 Tim Issaic ?
353.8 @ 168.7 Anthony Clark US 22Sep96 NSM

225 @ 50.2 John Maxwell GB 15May88 Murnau EPF
227.5 @ 50.8 Sergei Zhuravliev Rus 03May92 Horsens EPF
235 @ 51.4 Viacheslav Gorbunov Rus 19May98 Vladimir EPF
255.5 @ 52.0 E.S. Bhaskaran Ind 1Dec93 Jonkoping IPF
265.5 @ 55.5 Chun-Hsiung Hu Tpe 09Sep97 Bratislava IPF
290 @ 56.0 Lamar Gant US 10Jul82 Daytona USPF
310 @ 60 Lamar Gant US 11Dec88 Perth IPF
320 @ 67.5 Dan Austin US 1Aug92 USPF
322.5 @ 74.4 Viktor Baranov Rus Sep00 Sotchi EPF
353.8 @ 74.7 John Inzer US 16Sep95 NSM
360 @ 81.2 Giovanni Brunazzi Ita 24Jun95 IPF
390 @ 89.7 Ed Coan US 7Jul85 USPF
409 @ 99.8 Ed Coan US 28Jul91 Dallas USPF
410 @ 125 Dan Wohlber US 12Dec82 NSM
418 @ 147.0 Andy Bolton GB 10Nov01 WPC
419.6 @ 162.4 Gary Heisey US 14Mar92 APA

Total, with Siff value (1.xxx)
5175 @ 490 026 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 03May92 230+1575+130 Horsens EPF
5675 @ 499 084 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 15Nov95 250+1725+1450 Pori IPF
570 @ 507 056 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol Nov96 260+170+140 IPF
5825 @ 510 068 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol Nov98 270+175+1375 IPF
5925 @ 511 082 Andrzej Stanaszek Pol 16May96 Siofok IPF
620 @ 549 006 Chun-Hsiung Hu Tpe 14Nov96 2575+1125+250 IPF
636 @ 555 016 Chun-Hsiung Hu Tpe 9Sep97 2605+110+2655 IPF
645 @ 556 027 Konstantin Pavlov Rus 15Nov01 IPF
650 @ 564 015 Chun-Hsiung Hu Tpe 12Apr98 2605+125+265 SamChuk IPF
7025 @ 595 025 Darimin Sutrisno Ina Nov96 275+1575+270 IPF
720 @ 60 040 Lamar Gant US 8Apr88 Honolulu APF
7225 @ 601 041 Darimin Sutrisno Ina 8Aug97 285+1575+280 IPF
755 @ 643 013 Alexi Sivokon Kaz 02Apr99 285+190+280 NewDelhi IPF
795 @ 660 040 Alexi Sivokin Kaz 8Aug97 300+2005+295 IPF
831 @ 673 068 Alexi Sivokin Kaz 16Nov00 316+215+300 IPF
855 @ 739 020 Ausby Alexander US 2Apr89 APF
8615 @ 75 017 Rickey Dale CrainUS Nov98 IPA
9575 @ 825 065 Gene Bell US 8Apr88 APF
1000 @ 885 071 Ed Coan US 3Mar85 APF
10925 @ 998 108 Ed Coan US 28Jul91 Dallas USPF
11175 @ 1088 098 Ed Coan US 20Dec98 455+260+4025 WPL
11195 @ 1244 055 Ano Turtianen Fin 12Aug01 WPO
1180 @ ? Gary Frank US 24Jun01 455+335+390 Daytona APF
11825 @ 1702 042 Gary Frank US 1Dec01 4575+3325+3925 APF

Women's World Absolute Records
135 @ 42 Lien-Ju Chang (Tpe) 9Sep97 Bratislava IPF
137.5 @ 42.4 Chang Lien-Ju Tpe 12Apr98 Sam-Chuk IPF
145.5 @ 43.0 Lien-Ju Chang Tpe 2Oct97 Changha IPF
165 @ 43.3 Olesia Lafina (Rus) 5Oct99 Nymburk WJCh IPF
170.5 @ 43.9 Raija Koskinen Fin 24May01 IPF
171 @ 47.5 Raija Koskinen (Fin) 8Aug97 Lahti IPF
178 @ 47.8 Raija Koskinen (Fin) 27Feb00 Laukaa Fin EPF
180 @ 48.3 Raija Koskinen (Fin) 99 IPF
205 @ 52.0 Kim Sommers US 4Jul98 APF
217.5 @ 55.5 Inna Filimonova Rus 11Oct01 IPF
220.5 @ 59.5 Irina Abramova (Rus) 2000 IPF
240 @ 59.6 Mary Ellen Warman US 9Nov96 APF
245 @ 66.7 Marina Kudinova (Rus) 2000 IPF
247.5 @ 67.1 Marina Kudinova (Rus) 20Aug01 IPF
267.5 @ 74.3 Stephanie Van deWeighe US 13Dec98 APF
270 @ 74.3 Arkadiy Bukhtiychuk Ukr 1Jan00 ?
281.2 @ 81.2 Tamara Rainwater-Grimwood 15Apr95 IPA
287.5 @ 86.6 Dawn Reshel(Sharon) US 15May88 APF
290.3 @ 103.2 Becca Swanson US 27Oct01 APF

70 @ 42 Lien-Ju Chang Tpe 9Sep97 Bratislava IPF
77.5 @ 42.5 Marion Friedrich Ger 6Aug99 Györ EPF
92.5 @ 43.5 Svetlana Tesleva Rus 26Nov99 SaintPrix EPF
97.5 @ 44.0 Eva Svjantekova Svk 8Dec00
100 @ 46.3 Chihiro Iwaki Jpn 6Dec01 IPF
125 @ 47.1 Yukako Fukushima Jpn 6Dec01 IPF
137.5 @ 54.9 Tina Rinehart US 3Mar01 Columbus WPO
140 @ 56 Rachel Mathias US 21Aug94
150 @ 59.0 Tina Rinehart US 26Feb00 Columbus WPO
160 @ 67.1 Paula Suzuki US 28Apr95 APF
183 @ 73.0 Paula Suzuki US 10Jun00 APF
185 @ 106.4 Chen-Yen Chao Tpe 2000 IPF
192.5 @ 118.8 Karen Sizemore US 6Jan02

152.5 @ 42.0 Lien-Ju Chang TPE 9Sep97 Bratislava IPF
153.5 @ 42.4 Chang Lien-Ju Tpe 12Apr98 Sam-Chuk IPF
170 @ 43.2 Svetlana Tesleva (Rus) 25May00 IPF
177.5 @ 47.5 Elena Yamskich RUS 23May98 MoIRana IPF
182.5 @ 47.8 Majik Jones US 28Jan84 Austin IPF
200 @ 51.6 Oxana Belova (Rus) 26Nov99 SaintPrix EPF
210 @ 54.1 Carrie Boudreau US 28Jun96 Ontario IPF
222.5 @ 54.9 Carrie Boudreau US 21Jul95 Baton Rouge USPF
247.2 @ 64.0 Ruthi Schafer US 22Nov83 NSM
265 @ 72.8 Elena (Suchoruk)Zhukova Ukr 22May99 Thisted IPF
280 @ 74.3 Arkadiy Bukhtiychuk (Ukr) 1Jan00 ?
267.6 @ 82.2 Dawn Reshel(Sharon) US 16Jun90
268 @ 82.5 Coral Blair Aut 19Nov99 WPC
274 @ 86.6 Dawn Reshel(Sharon) US 15May88 APF
275 @ 103.0 Dorothy Shaw GB Jun00 WPC

3575 @ 420(135+70+1525)Lien-Ju Chang TPE 9Sep97 Bratislava IPF
366 @ 424(1375,75,1535)Lien-Ju Chang TPE 12Apr98 Sam-Chuk IPF
425 @ 432( )Svetlana Telseva Rus 25May00 Pinamar EPF
428 @ 476(1550+950+1780)Elena Yamskich Rus 26Nov99 SaintPrixEPF
4325 @ 483(180+825+1700)Raija Koskinen (Fin) 99 IPF
4445 @ 513(1705,1065,1675)Li-Min Li TPE 31Oct97 Changhua IPF
4875 @ 516(185+1025+200)Oxana Belova Rus 26Dec99 StPrix EPF
500 @ 541(1825+1075+210)Carrie Boudreau US 28Jun96 Ontario IPF
5025 @ 55 (1825+105+215)Carrie Boudreau 27Jul96 USPF
515 @ 553(1875+1175+210)Carrie Boudreau 8Aug97 Lahti IPF
5352 @ 560( )Amy Weisberger US 20Feb00 IPA
553 @ 595(2205+110+2225)Irina Abramova (Rus) 2Dec00 IPF
567 @ 60 ( )Amy Weisberger US 17Nov01 IPA
6125 @ 667(245+1475+220)Marina Kudinova (Rus) 2000 IPF
620 @ 671( )Marina Kudinova Rus 20Sep01 IPF
635 @ 728(246+125+265)Elena Zhukova UKR 21May99 Thisted IPF
7025 @ 743( )Arkad Bukhtiychuk (Ukr) 1Jan00 ?
655 @ 743(2675+170+2175)Stephanie Vandeweghe 13Dec98 APF
6985 @ 812( )Tamara R-Grimwood US 15Apr95 IPA
7095 @ 866(2875+1475+2745)Dawn Reshel(Sharon) US 15May88 APF
715 @1030( )Dorothy Shaw GB Jun00 WPC
4.....NUTRITION and SUPPLEMENTS.....you are what you eat.....
Remember the basics in nutrition should be first on your buy list.
Hi potency vit/min supplement
Protein/amino supplement, (or make your own, but you need the extra protein)
extra vitamin c (complex)
then from there you can add.....

Misc. i.e. van sulfate/dibencozide or perhaps fat burners
Older lifters - glucosamine, saw palmetto, other types of herbs........etc.......

This list stops when your pocket book does, but the first 2 or 3 are a must

.....and check out the incredible supplement specials at


as i look back over powerlifting over the past 35 plus years, i find some amazing athletes
........ 25-30 years ago we had 165lb'ers who could squat 650.....and dl 650......we had
132 lb'ers who could squat almost 500lbs.........shw's who were squatting 900..benching 600
and deadlifting almost 900..........so we have had some great lifters for many years........
is it any wonder we continue to have great lifters in powerlifting........... continue to improve
and compete....one only becomes better when there are goals to be attained and victories to be
won......and competition to overcome....!!!!!!!!

Rickey Dale Crain, b.b.a., i.s.s.a.


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